The only kit that proves you were abducted by...

or at least partied with...aliens.


U.F.O. Descends on O'Hare Airport in Chicago... Shocked United Airlines Employees and Onlookers Report Sighting to Control Tower, FAA and Police... This Was No Weather Phenomenon... Now All They Need Is Proof... And Here it is...


If you’re one of the millions of people who think they’ve been abducted by aliens but lack one little detail...PROOF...we’ve got the proof you need.

Now everyone can document their alien encounters thanks to the Air Force-approved,
Home Alien Abduction Verification Kit (HAA).

The kit comes complete with everything an abductee needs to prove an other-worldly
abduction including:

1. One 8-1/2" X 11" photo of you with the aliens (select any scenario described below).  

2. Incontrovertible physical evidence that you were actually with the aliens.  

3. A newspaper article about your abduction.

4. A Confirmation of Abduction Certificate from the National Alien Sighting Association (NASA).


HAA includes a choice of personalized photos authenticating the encounter:

1. Abductee and aliens in a bar splitting a six-pack of Miller Lite singing, Kumbayah

2. The arduously intimate physical examination of the abductee aboard the alien vessel. A visual so realistic you can almost hear the alien say, "Cough."*

*Comes with the actual latex glove used in the alien physical examination of the abductee.
The HAA kit meets all Air Force criteria for documenting a bona fide encounter.

Finally, the proof you need to silence the naysayers, cynics and non-believers. Put an end to the scorn and derision you’ve had to endure from family, friends and neighbors.

Whether you’re name is Billy Bob or Peggy Sue, hailing from Piney Nob or Kalamazoo, we’ve got the evidence you need to prove you were abducted by aliens.

The Home Alien Abduction kit comes in two different abduction scenarios.

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HAA is manufactured by Alien Marketing, a company based in Miami, Florida, home to more aliens than any other place on earth.

For more information on the HAA kit, call 954-243-1454 or e-mail us.